Youth Leadership Expedition

These aren’t just any-ol’-camping trips. Red Rock Adventure’s 5-day youth leadership expeditions are designed to provide opportunities for connection and growth. Our guides believe that young lives can be changed by experiencing self-confidence and self-awareness through challenge and discovery. In finely curated wilderness settings, we explore the themes of teamwork, trust, communication and courage, so that participants leave not only with memories to last a lifetime, but skills to help them thrive in their every day lives.


Choose among several options-guided 3-5 day trips for all experience levels around New Brunswick.


Option 1: Hike the Fundy Footpath:

Discover the longest stretch of coastal wilderness on the Eastern seaboard. Visit pristine waterfalls and crystal clear rivers accessible only by foot. Absorb panoramic views from the edge of Fundy’s famous red rock coastline. Leave footprints the ocean floor and watch the world’s highest tides wash them away. Learn to cook on a campfire. Get cozy under the stars in a down-filled sleeping bag. Make new connections. Be challenged. Grow.

Option 2: Canoe Spednic Lake and the St.Croix River:

Learn the basic canoe stokes and explore the islands of Spednic Lake. Pitch a tent at remote campsites, and catch a glimpse of the resident owls. Swim your heart out. Catch a fish. Watch the morning fog rise off the water. Sip campfire hot chocolate and listen to the loons. Learn how to navigate moving water on the gentle St. Croix River, and let the rapids make you feel alive.